Monday, March 12, 2012

Gifting Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise

Thanks (once again) to The Artisan Group, I have the most amazing opportunity to send a gift to Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise!    I could send to either Tom, Katie or Suri, but decided to send a little something to each of them. 

Katie: A vintage photo pendant from the 1930s with my images inside and a signed 5x7 print of Undress.
Suri: A photo magnet of one of my carousel photos and two photo bobby pins 
Tom: A signed photo.  Very likely this one here.

As for packaging, the images below are just me playing around.  I am using the black velvet bag for Suri's gift and the gift for Katie will be adorned with the vintage skeleton key pictured below.  
I have to finish Suri's hair pins and find a box to hold a 5x7 photo. I'll post the final results later in the week.

The vintage two photo pendant.  The little knob on the top screws off so you can place your photos inside.  So charming!

The magnet for Suri.  Still working on her hairpins.


angie said...

AWESOME! love the vintage pendant for katie!

Elle Moss said...

Thank you, Angie!

KristiMcMurry said...

Great job with the gifts! Everything looks so pretty and professional. I actually really love the magnet :)

Allison Dandrea said...

That is totally awesome!! Keep it up :)

Aimless Olive said...

so completely LOVELY!!!! XX

Elle Moss said...

Thank you all! Really appreciate the feedback! XOXO

AVY said...

Oh, very cute!


Mary said...

This is so awesome!!! I know they will all LOVE your work and become fans right away! I can totally see Katie wearing your pendant and being asked a zillion times who made it. Congrats!!

Mistie said...

Great idea!!