Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finishing the 30 day photo challenge

Today is the last day of the challenge.  Thank you so much to the wonderful friends who participated in this with me.  You inspired me, motivated me and kept me going through all 30 days!

Some things I learned along the way:
*I am terribly impatient and need to slow down and think, at least a little bit, about light, composition, etc. before I shoot.  
*To take less, but more thoughtful images.
*Dont use Polaroid Impossible film out in the cold and don't waste your polaroid film trying a double exposure. Seriously!
*Dripping water is really really hard to shoot esp. in poor lighting.

I enjoyed this so much more than I imagined I would and hope you all did, too!  In fact, I had so much fun with it that I am planning another one that I will probably start April 1st and I hope you will all join me again and maybe we can get some new players, too!

My flowers:


Caty said...

loved to be part of it!

I loved to see the many interpretations of the same subject, learned a lot!

enjoyed every day. and sure would love to participate in the next one you propose
Thank you all! xxoo

Katerina said...

Those tulips are georgeous.
I enjoyed looking at your photos too. Hope I will be more consistent in April and will join the whole challenge.

Teresa Dickson said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it......it certainly inspired me!!! Cannot wait for the next one T x