Monday, February 6, 2012

everyday objects

I spent yesterday collection objects around my house, arranging them into little vignettes and photographing them. Such a fun way to spend a Sunday and get your creative juices flowing. I am not one to collect tchotchkes, but I do have some little things I hold dear, like my little pink Anthro purse, and Anthro bowls, some Puella items from when I shot their catalog, vintage costume jewelry, purses and books new and old.

Years ago, I bought an old plaid travel bag and it's stuffed with colorful tights. I also have a small collection of vintage teacups and a shelf in my closet devoted only to camera stuff, vintage and new. The seashells and thread were picked up at a local recycling store for the shoot and my daughter has already claimed them.

My cat Rose had as much fun as I did playing with tulle and string. A few months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we have been trying to make her last months as amazing as possible with lots of outdoor play, good food and new toys. She can no longer jump very high, so we bought her a new cat condo and some stairs to get up to the top so she can look out of the window. She is a very happy kitty as you will see in the photos below.

I really haven't done much else for the past week or two. After the Oscar gifting, I am a bit burned out and had to step back from Etsy a bit. I'm spending most of my online time on Pinterest and Tumblr, two of the most ADDICTIVE sites. Somebody stop me!

***Beautiful Rose***

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