Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emmy packages

...are almost finished! 110 signed prints and handmade photo hairpins packaged in kraft boxes along with 110 boutique cards and wrapped with a doily (or 2) and tied with black ribbon and a business card. Yes, that is a glass of much deserved (and very yummy) champagne in the background!
Above are 110 packed boxes with doilies that have been glued to their tops, ready for their ribbon. My daughter, Olivia and I spent about 3 hours packaging everything assembly-line style. When they are finished, they will look something like this (hopefully with neater bows ;):

I am thinking of adding a vintage button on the bow knot or something to embellish them more, but I like things simple, so I just don't know. What do you think? Do they need more bling? Should i tea stain the doilies or stamp them to give them a vintage look?

Inside the box: The black velvet bag which holds the photo hairpin, the boutique card and underneath, the signed print (4x4 on 5x5 paper).

The signed print. Underneath is a round pad, I plan on putting a fabric square on top of it.

All of the contents, including the photo hairpin.
The boutique card. Printed on heavy cardstock. I'm so happy with how these turned out - they look amazing in person.

For the display, I bought this plastic purple vintage frame on Etsy and painted it black. I still have to polish the brass knobs and get my picture in there.
The image I chose to display is this Hush. I tried several images and most simply didn't work in the oval frame. Hush pops and all the butterflies fit in the frame nicely.

I want to ship everything by the end of this week, so I have a lot to do still, but at least I can see the light! This has been such a learning experience for me and has prepared me for The Oscars, which is coming up only a few months after The Emmys. For those, I think I will do a photo necklace and no print, so I can work with smaller boxes.

I'll post the final pics here and announce my giveaway very soon!

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