Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Etsy Featured Seller!

A few months ago, Etsy asked me if I would be one of their Featured Sellers and of course I said, "YES!"  I don't love doing interviews and am always afraid I wont come off the way I mean to, but Im pretty happy with it and as an obsessive list maker, I love that they link to some of my favorite things :)
The pic above was also requested...something in my workspace.  You may recognize some pics above by  other Etsy photogs, Heather Evans Smith, Jacqleen Bleu & Gina Conti.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

elle moss actions

I am now selling photoshop actions!  I have 2 collections available so far: Vintage Summer and Soft & Lovely.  Vintage Summer has 11 actions and is $5.00.  Soft & Lovely has 7 actions and is also $5.00.  They are available on my actions blog: or you can just drop me an email at

I am working on 2 more collections and also some freebies, so follow my actions blog to keep updated.