Monday, March 29, 2010

New, Lower Shipping Prices and New Items Coming Soon!

Happy Spring! Can you believe it's almost April?
I did some spring cleaning in my Alice B. Gardens shop this weekend. I lowered all of my shipping prices and made all listings more uniform.
It looks great and now you can own a print for much less!

I also lowered my shipping at my Elle Moss Etsy shop a week ago and have listed about 4 new prints! I am also getting all of the bits and pieces together to start selling photo necklaces of my work. I plan on having a few square and a few round. Here are 3 examples of what I'm talking about. #3 is by far, what I would most like to create, but I have yet to find the supplies. I'm hoping to have some version of necklace in my Elle Moss shop by summer 2010.
Example #1
Example #2
Example #3

I'm curious to know, what images do you think would make the best necklaces?

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Impossible Project

The Impossible Project is bringing back Polaroid!
Almost a year after Polaroid decided to stop making instant film, The Impossible Project is bringing it back. Today is the day for their big announcement about the company and we will find out whether or not they really will be manufacturing new it really possible?

I had my first polaroid when I was 7 or 8 years old. I still have some shots from it, too. Me and my best friend Dina in our gymnastics leotards rolling about on the floor. I loved Polaroid then and I love them now. I think I have always owned one since that time. I love everything about them...the way you hold them, the smell of them, the instant gratification. Here is hoping its good news and here is a little polaroid inspired mosaic for you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Divine Diptych Project - Week 3 - Yellow

This week, my Divine Diptych Project partner was Susan (the melody censor). I picked this week's themes and ours was 'yellow'. We agreed upon square format and color.
After taking several still life images of daffodils and yellow tulips (weird, huh?!), I decided upon a portrait and am so glad I did. Don't the images go together well? I was so happy to see Susan's image and that our mood and tone fit together so perfectly.
I can't say enough about this project. The most supportive and amazing women are participating, and its made photography something I am excited about again. I'm hoping with the next challenges to branch out a bit and try some things I've never done before.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

She's a Rainbow

Last year I formed the most amazing Etsy group "Female Photographer's of Etsy", the lovely Myan came up with the idea to make a book and she, myself, Meganzii, Tiffany Teske, Shannonblue, Ligeia, Lililly and Ena and the swan did all of the behind the scenes work...choosing images, editing etc and had extra help from Shawna C., Emma In Wonderland, Mfayre, Katrina King and Nancy L. Stockdale.
I'm thrilled to let you know that the book, She's a Rainbow, is now available for purchase through Featuring the work of 58 female photographers, the book is


pages thick and arranged by color, which was extremely hard to do, but the end result was so worth looks stunning!

PURCHASE "She's a Rainbow": PURCHASE

Friday, March 12, 2010

Divine Diptych Project - Week 2 - Hearts

For this week's Divine Diptych Project, I was paired with my friend, Geekgirly, who recently opened an Etsy shop...see it HERE. Our theme was "Hearts" and the only thing we decided upon beforehand was to shoot in color and square format. You can see more of our groups week 2 diptychs here: The Divine Diptych Project.
Follow us and see what we come up with every week as more members join in!

{left: Geekgirly right: Elle Moss}

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diptych Blogs

My involvement in The Divine Diptych Project has got me excited about photography again and has me approaching it with fresh eyes. I guess I'm feeling much less lazy about shooting and willing to dress up, go out and try something new again. We aren't the first to do a project like this and these diptych projects seem to be growing quickly...not surprising as they are so rewarding.
Check out some of blogs below for more inspiration:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Divine Diptych Project

I'm so happy to be participating in a project with some of my best online friends...The Divine Diptych Project will pair up different photographers with a different theme every week.  There are 37 of us and we plan on doing it throughout the year and posting the results on our blog: The Divine Diptych Project.

This week I was paired with the lovely Marico Fayre (mfayre on flickr) with the theme "Literature".  
This is the result (left: mfayre  right: elle moss):