Monday, March 29, 2010

New, Lower Shipping Prices and New Items Coming Soon!

Happy Spring! Can you believe it's almost April?
I did some spring cleaning in my Alice B. Gardens shop this weekend. I lowered all of my shipping prices and made all listings more uniform.
It looks great and now you can own a print for much less!

I also lowered my shipping at my Elle Moss Etsy shop a week ago and have listed about 4 new prints! I am also getting all of the bits and pieces together to start selling photo necklaces of my work. I plan on having a few square and a few round. Here are 3 examples of what I'm talking about. #3 is by far, what I would most like to create, but I have yet to find the supplies. I'm hoping to have some version of necklace in my Elle Moss shop by summer 2010.
Example #1
Example #2
Example #3

I'm curious to know, what images do you think would make the best necklaces?

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