Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Parasol Magazine

Im delighted to be featured in the magazine Parasol
There is a bit of an interview and a few images as well :)

Also featured in this issue:

Rafe Totengco of RAFE NY
Liz Thayer of Claflin & Thayer
Marjorie Tan of Minor Collection
Anja Verdugo of Clever Nettle
Diana Martini of Please Sir
Christopher David Ryan
Elle Moss
Samantha Hahn of Maquette
Shelley Kommers Luna of Oiseaux Noir
Alexandra Romano of Mothersvea
Maria Adelmann of Stickers & Donuts
Kathleen Dougherty of Grosgrain Fabulous
Michelle Engel Benscko of Cicada Studio
Rachel Klein of One Pretty Thing

Go see:


Shelby said...

Very exciting! Congrats

elle moss said...

thanks, Shelby!

Charlotte said...

Cool article, sweets! :)

elle moss said...

hey, Charlotte...are you "the" Charlotte?

a print a day said...

aw elle. your work is gorgeous :)