Tuesday, November 25, 2008


11-21-08_8-17amEDT, originally uploaded by getglassy.

My treasury made front page on Etsy last week! Im in love with everything and its all on my Christmas List. The cards by mulberry muse have already arrived and are the most indulgent, divine things ever!

Her daughter owns tabidesigns
la pommeis stuffed full of dolls and plushes made especially for grownups.
TheMorellebag just might be big enough to hold all my crap.
Alyssa Ettingerhas the most amazing knitware ceramic vases, bowls, etc. The demitasse cups are my favorite.
lucky me beads makes jewelry using old things. Green and so very stylish!
Bridget Davies embroidered textiles have whimsical, tres chic designs on them. I want them all!
Molly Hatch makes ceramics that are feminine and dainty and yet look like they could take a beating! Perfect for me. Unfortunately, her Etsy shop is limited right now, but she still sells through her shop in Vermont.
Marketstoreshoppe sells items ranging from jewelry to papergoods. When I saw that oil painting, I knew it would be first in line on my Christmas list.


Yoli said...

Elle, your work is so exquisite.

Logic Al said...

Whoa, bravo!! :-o