Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Head Project

On July 7th, I received a curious flickrmail from the creator of The Head Project asking me to participate in a world wide photography collaboration. Here is the jist: you get a head in the mail. you photography head for 2 weeks. you ship head to next photographer.
What fun!
About a week after giving my ok, I received Head 004 in the mail and produced theses:

other contributors:
Ryan Schude
The flickr famous Rebekka!
I am most excited to see the work of these 2 young photographers who are easily my favorite photogs on flickr and have waterfalls of creativity. Its positively sickening!
The beautiful and talented Chrissie White
The unbelievably talented Lenaah (Eleanor Hardwick)


Capree said...

Love these! Especially the one on the staircase.

elle moss said...

thank you!!

platinum blonde said...

what an interesting project. i just love these photos. great job!

Yoli said...

Oh Elle, there is no end to your imagination. I love your stuff. The project is wicked! I am laughing hard because there is a tamer one out there where they are sending this little book around and building a doll. You, on the other hand get to play hard core with a head. Love it.

greavesdesign said...

great project, wow. it takes things to another level for sure. I was just involved in a project where 100 artists had the same 'spark' word and had to create something through that, then there was an exhibition. (the word was 'Once').

love love all your work!