Friday, June 6, 2008

Discoveries on google...

Every so often I do an "Elle Moss" search on google and see what comes up. Today, I found this: a whole lot of my images. Great blog and thoughtful descriptions of my photographs, which made me smile.

Oh, and read the comments underneath...I was totally blushing! Its like being a fly on the wall :)

another blog

another...even cleveland

and another

and yet another

this one is cool...can somebody translate?

geez, there's still more~


always nice to see nymphet written under one of my pictures


ZeNi said...

Hello :)
Actually, I put your lovely picture just to illustrate my post... I just talk about my life and many else... Nothing about your picture. But i love your work. And thanx for the link !

(sorry for my bad english^^)

Cherry Lane Jane said...

your images are beautiful!!!!

Carl V. said...

I'm so thrilled that you liked the feature I did on your work. I'm glad others responded as enthusiastically as I did when I came across your work on Etsy. What you do is amazing!